04 March

Arrive in Kathmandu and Registration

05 March
  • Meet-and-Greet in a Breakfast Meeting (Race briefing)
  • Preparation and Shopping by teams
  • In the Evening, Welcome Dinner hosted by Government
06 March
  • Depart to Rakam via Kohalpur
  • Overnight Stay at Kohalpur
07 March
  • Drive to Rakam Karnali Village
  • Participants traveling via Road reach in the afternoon time to Rakam
08 March
  • River Worshiping Ceremony by Dharma Gurus
  • Opening Ceremony of The Great Karnali Quest
  • Karnali Conservation Seminar
  • Preparation for the Team in the afternoon
  • Reception
  • Showcase the Khasa Culture with Deuda etc. at Rakam Karnali
09 March
  • Race flag off from Rakam (camp Dungeshwor )
  • Showcase the Badi Culture
10 March
  • Race day (camp @ Scorpion Beach )
  • Showcase the Raute Culture
11 March
  • Race day (camp @ Red Rock Canyon )
  • Showcase the Magar Culture
12 March
  • Race day (Camp @ Solta/Thatghau )
  • Showcase the Raji Culture
13 March
  • Race day (Finish at Daulatpur Ghat)
  • Closing Ceremony with Award Distribution and Tharu and Sonaha cultural show.
14 March

Drive or fly back to Kathmandu from Nepalgunj, or people who wish to spend some time in Bardiya National Park, they can extend the program, which will be optional.