Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Participation for your rafting team in The Great Karnali Quest.
  • Access to all official race events, including the opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Transportation provided from Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport to Kathmandu city (pre-race) and return.
  • Transportation to the race's starting point (Rakam Karnali) from Kathmandu via land on 6th March 2024.
  • Transportation from the finish line (Daulatpur Ghat) to Kathmandu post-race.
  • Camping facilities at the designated campsites throughout the race.
  • Safety briefings and guidelines to ensure a secure and enjoyable race experience.
  • Opportunity to compete against international rafting teams on the challenging Karnali River course.
  • Eligibility for awards, cash prizes, medals, and certificates for top-performing teams.


  • Personal travel expenses, accommodations, and meals outside of the provided camping facilities.
  • Personal rafting equipment beyond what is specified by the event organizers.
  • Any additional costs incurred during the event, such as optional excursions or activities.
  • Travel insurance and medical expenses for participants.
  • Any expenses for non-participating guests or supporters accompanying the team.
  • Any costs associated with changes in team composition or registration details after the confirmation.
  • Air Cost if participant wants to visit destination

Please note that the entry fee covers the basic participation package, and any additional requirements or expenses beyond this package will be the responsibility of the participating teams.