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Karnali is an old civilization of Nepal and it is connected with Karnali River. The archaeological sites found in Jumla, Surkhet and Dailekh refers that this area was part of Khasa kingdom which was established during 11th century. The capital of the Khas Kingdom was Sinja. The kingdom was expanded to a great
extent in 13th and 14th century. This kingdom was expanded to Garhwal in the west, Mansarowar and Guge regions of Tibet in the north, Gorkha-Nuwakot regions in the east and with Kapilvastu with large areas Terai in the South. After late 14th century the Khas empire collapsed and divided into Baise Rajya (22 principalities) in Karnali-Bheri region.

Before unification of modern Nepal, the part of Karnali (from Karnali River to Bheri River) was an Sanghiya Baise Rajya (United 22 principalities state).
The Baise were sovereign, but intermittently allied among themselves until they were annexed during the unification of modern Nepal from 1744 to 1810.

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