To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants, The Great Karnali Quest enforces specific registration criteria. Please review the following requirements before considering registration:

  1. Each team must consist of a minimum of R6 participants and one safety kayaker.
  2. Only one safety kayaker per team is allowed. The safety kayaker should be a skilled Grade 4+ kayaker, comfortable in managing big volume river conditions.
  3. Teams without a safety kayaker can request one, but this will incur an extra charge.
  4. Each team will be provided with a 16ft raft and harness for the race.
  5. Teams must bring their own big volume plastic kayak suitable for downriver races and safety purposes. Fiberglass kayaks are not permitted.
  6. Participants should possess good physical fitness, a positive attitude, and the courage to navigate wilderness environments. Demonstrating good sportsmanship is expected.
  7. Competence in handling big volume Grade IV rapid runs is essential.
  8. Teams are required to have appropriate rafting equipment, pedals, Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, dry bag) and Safety gear including life jackets, helmets, communication devices, and personal first aid supplies.
  9. This is an expedition-style race where participants are responsible for their own meals. Participants are required to bring and cook their own food during the expedition.
  10. Food barrels and Cam straps are required to secure participants' bags to the raft.
  11. Due to the physically demanding nature of the race, participants must meet specific health and fitness standards.
  12. A medical certificate may be requested to ensure participants are physically capable of completing the race.
  13. Participants must be between the ages of 18 and 60 for safety reasons.
  14. All participants are required to sign liability waivers acknowledging the inherent risks associated with the race. This absolves event organizers of certain responsibilities.
  15. Participants must possess personal insurance coverage to handle medical emergencies or accidents during the race.
  16. As the race occurs within a sacred river corridor, participants are expected to show respect for local cultural and environmental sensitivities.
  17. All teams are required to arrive in Kathmandu by 19th November.
  18. Participants must attend mandatory orientation sessions for the familiarity with race rules, safety protocols, and logistics on 21st November.


 By adhering to these registration criteria, participants contribute to the safe and successful execution of The Great Karnali Quest. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in this extraordinary adventure.