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Background Story

Nepal is a country with immense natural beauty with a deep-rooted cultural heritage. A great part of this natural beauty comes from the many rivers that flow through the majestic Himalayas to the lowlands of the Terai. From Mount Everest (Sagarmatha), Lumbini-Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, Annapurna trekking circuit, Chitwan National Park, Nepal has lot more to offer. Nepal just needs to focus on developing the infrastructure to support tourism, maintaining its natural beauty, and promoting Nepal as a destination for Nature, Culture and Adventure Tourism.

The Karnali which arises from holy Mt. Kailash region in Tibet and flows through Himalayan landscape of Nepal to meet holy Ganga in India. During its path, Karnali has offered lot of natural scenery, cultural and historical diversity, and diverse ecosystem which inhibits many endangered species like Bengal Tiger, Gangetic Dolphin, Gharial, Mahaseer fish, among few.The Karnali region of Nepal connects the sacred landscapes of Kailash-Mansarovar in Tibet with the Holy Ganga in India. The aspiration is for a greater number of individuals to acknowledge the complete Karnali River as a Sacred River Corridor, highlighting its spiritual importance and significance.

As development progresses, it is crucial to make informed decisions that protect the people, culture, and natural resources of the Karnali for the future. It is important to carefully consider short-term land use decisions that could limit future options or cause irreversible harm to shared environmental resources. Such decisions have the potential to permanently alter the fate of the Karnali. Nepal urgently needs strategic hydropower development and comprehensive impact assessments. The Karnali river corridor presents opportunities for a sustainable development model, offering various possibilities such as alternative energy sources, ecotourism, water-based recreation, and the development of cottage industries.

The Great Karnali Quest (TGKQ):

The highlight of The Great Karnali Quest is the epic raft race, which will cover a distance of 248 kilometers. Participants will navigate through stunning landscapes, challenging rapids, and remote villages, offering a unique adventure that will leave a lasting impression. Additionally, a two-day Karnali conservation Symposium/seminar will bring together river conservationists, scientists, activists, and policymakers from around the world at the bank of Karnali river.

Through this mega event, we aim to showcase the importance of the Karnali in terms of natural beauty, biodiversity, cultural and historical significance, and the possibilities of sustainable growth through eco-adventure tourism. The prime objective of the event is to bring the world’s attention on the Karnali river to raise the importance of Karnali river as High conservation value river (HCVR) through the promotion and development of eco-adventure tourism and conservation awareness in Karnali region. The event will also promote the cultural diversity of various ethnic groups in the region by creating positive interactions and creating awareness of the potential of global tourism.

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