Event Highlights

The Longest Raft Race

An endurance event where participants navigate on rafts for an extended distance, testing their skills and teamwork.

Conservation Workshop

Educational sessions aimed at promoting awareness and teaching practical methods to protect and preserve the environment and natural resources.

Cultural Activities

Events and performances showcasing the traditions, art, music, and customs of a particular culture or region, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.

Global Media Coverage

Extensive international media attention and coverage, spreading awareness and reaching a wide audience around the world.

International Participants

Individuals from various countries who participate in an event or activity, promoting diversity, cultural exchange, and international cooperation.

Promotion and Exploration

Activities and initiatives aimed at promoting a specific location, encouraging tourism, and exploring the unique attractions and offerings of the destination.

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March 8-13, 2023   |   Karnali
USD 1200.00 Discounted to USD 450.00 for limited time

USD 1200.00 Discounted to USD 450.00 for limited time


Participate with indigenous and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability and the preservation of the Karnali’s ecological systems. To participate in this event please fill the form below as per your physical abilities

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Subscrie to learn more about the World's Longest Raft race happening this Nov 22 - 28 in the most pristine river of Nepal.

Event Route

The Karnali Symposium will occur at Rakam Karnali, Dailekh district for two days. This is the same place from where the raft race will start. Rakam lies in mid-hills of Nepal Himalaya at an elevation of 665 meters above sea level. The athletes will raft down about 50 km each day. The route for the race follows five other camps: Tallo Dungeshwor on 1st day, Scorpion Beach on 2nd day, Red Rock Canyon on 3rd day, Solta on 4th day, and finally ending the race at Daulatpurghat on 5th day. Daulatpurghat, Kailali lies on the flood plains.